MACD is a grassroots association made up of Conservation Districts -- working side-by-side with conservationists statewide -- to promote vital natural resource management tools at the local level.

Show your support for Michigan Conservation Districts and the key role they play in delivering Michigan’s conservation programs -- become an Advocate!

Annual Advocate Member Benefits:

  • Stay informed through email communications and newsletters.
  • Invites and recognition at MACD events.
  • Recognition in newsletters and on MACD website.

Advocates are individual members helping MACD:

  • Strengthen Michigan Conservation Districts through leadership, intel, and representation at the State level.

  • Provide updates, info., and leadership development programs to Michigan CD board and staff members.

  • Promote Natural Resource Management services that Districts provide to all Michigan citizens.

  • Encourage land users to adopt conservation practices that protect soil and water-related natural resources.

  • Represent our members at the State level by working with legislators, cooperating agencies, organizations, and natural resource interest groups.

Advocates support MACD at the following levels:

Student Support  -  $20
Individual Support  -  $35

Join Now

Michigan Conservation Districts support MACD with voluntary annual membership contributions. These dollars make up a significant portion of our annual working budget, but there is always more work to do! Our Advocates are deeply needed members of our extended Conservation District community, helping push the impact of our work!

* MACD is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, and membership donations are tax-deductible, as allowed by law.

To learn more about the memberships, programs, and services available through MACD, please contact:

Dan Moilanen
MACD Executive Director
Office: 517-331-1335
Email: [email protected]