MACD is a grassroots-driven association made up of Conservation District board members, an elected Executive Director, and appointed staff whose voices shape the work of MACD.

The below list describes the many outstanding benefits available to Partner Members of MACD:

Partner Members help MACD to:

  • Strengthen Michigan Conservation Districts through leadership, information, and representation at the state level.

  • Provide robust training events for Conservation Districts and partners, including the USDA's Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS).

  • Promotion of Michigan Conservation Districts as the local providers of natural resource management services to all citizens of Michigan through robust communications and information sharing.

  • Encourage land users to adopt conservation practices that protect soil and water-related natural resources.

  • Represent members at the State level by working with legislators, cooperating agencies, organizations, and natural resource interest groups.


MACD Partner Benefits [link]


To learn more about the memberships, programs, and services available through MACD please contact Dan Moilanen, Executive Director of MACD:

Dan Moilanen
MACD Executive Director
Office: 517-324-5274
Email: [email protected]