MACD Convention & Annual Meeting 


With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to disrupt our lives, the MACD State Council has determined to move to a virtual format for the MACD Convention and Annual Meeting.  These challenging times call for flexibility and innovation.  With that in mind, the State Council has also moved the event to December to provide the time needed to plan and organize the event. 

MACD looks forward to bringing Michigan's conservation community together virtually through this open event: all are welcome to attend! This 'naturally' includes Michigan Conservation Districts' board and staff, our federal, state and local program partners, and any other fans and champions of conservation and natural resource learning and networking.

Come be a part of the dialogue, attend interesting educational sessions, "meet" colleagues from near and far, and join in our incredible community of natural resource advocates, pushing every day to further the mission of Michigan's Conservation Districts.

Interested in Sponsoring or Exhibiting?

Sponsorships will be available and a Virtual Exhibit Hall is planned!

Stay tuned for more details that will be posted to this page as plans are finalized. If you just cannot wait to learn more, contact MACD at 517-324-5274 or by email at [email protected], we will be happy to let you in on the details.

Conservation Districts – Please Provide Your Input!

The MACD State Council is interested in obtaining input on the timing for the virtual annual meeting.
The timing options are as follows:

  • Weekday morning
  • Weekday afternoon
  • Weekday evening
  • Saturday morning

Conservation Districts are asked to designate an individual from your Conservation District provide your board’s consensus decision through the members survey by Friday, September 18. To obtain the link to the survey, contact MACD at [email protected] The final date and time will be published at the close of the MACD September State Council meeting.